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校區經理​ (凱恩斯)

"After traveling the world, I realised languages are responsible for making people from different backgrounds meet and learn about each other. I see SPC as a way to contribute to other people experiencing the same."


校區經理​ (凱恩斯)

"My boy, Rio (in the photo) and I love summer so Cairns is literally the perfect place to be.  SPC has it's passion in English training thus help our students to enjoy their Australia adventures. My aim is let more people know about us and start their Australia journey as easy as possible"




"After travelling the world, I have realized there is no place like Queensland. If you have the chance to travel and want to meet people from all over the world- grab it with both hands, you will never look back, Study, work and travel in sunny Queensland- whether it is Cairns or Brisbane, I hope your dreams come true! Come and say G’dday to us in the Sunshine State!"

Vicky Shaw-Yates, Academic Manager



"I am responsible for ensuring all our teaching is of the highest standard, and that all our students have the opportunity to attain their learning goals in SPC’s dynamic and unique teaching environment. I look forward to welcoming you!"


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